Tuesday, September 27, 2016

#JustaQuickiePlease: The Magnificent Seven (2016) Review

Training Day director Antoine Fuque successfully reunites Washington and Hawke and joins them with a stellar cast to present a masterful retelling of one of the most iconic cinematic westerns of all time.   Most reboots fall flat; this incredibly crafted update wins on every level with authentic performances, well timed and ingenious humor, rich characterizations, riveting action sequences, and stunning cinematography.   Pratt excels, as does D'Onofrio and the remaining ensemble, with Sarsgaard nicely rounding off the group as the utterly believable and wonderfully despicable villain.   My only complaint, we weren't able to explore these incredible incarnations in more depth, but runtime and storytelling simply couldn't afford it.  Today, Westerns are a hard sell, its unfortunate but true.  This film charges through that stigma like a stampeded of wild stallions.  5 out of 5 Kernels: This is how the west is won!

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