Friday, July 7, 2017

#JustaQuickiePlease: Transformers: The Last Knight Review

                Two and a half hours of complete CGI B.S and that is being way too kind.  The equivalent of Michael Bay's wet dream, as opposed to his swan song, this final chapter (yeah right) of the once inspired, funny, and innovative series, ends up being a nonsensical, ridiculously illogical,  poorly acted, middle finger to common sense and scientific principle, not to mention, any fan of the franchise.  
                I will give credit for Bay's only success in this farce, in the way he ties the enterprise altogether.  However, he and Singer share the same disrespect for continuity and timelines, as each film seems to retell the history of the robots that are "more than meets the eye."   It's literally as if Barry Allen was the head screenwriter.  
              Long gone are the days of the cartoonish fun and spectacular effects, replaced by a disconnect and gratuitous glut of CGI, poorly timed humor, that feels disjointed and disingenuous, shotgun editing, and an utter disregard from character development or believable plotlines.   At least the Dinobots got a bit more screentime, although I don't think puppy like play time is what everyone expected, or wanted.
              0 out of 5 Kernels: Apparently even Transformers have a self-destruct mode, and it only took 5 films to find it.

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