Monday, December 26, 2011

One Minute Devotion: Psalm 119:105

Psalm 119:105

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

How is God's word a lamp and a light, brightening the road I travel? How many times have you heard someone say, "I wish there was a guide book for my life?" Is there an instruction manual for our existence? Is there a GPS that advises which direction to take to arrive to my goals? The answer to all these questions is clearly yes. How? There are several reasons that explain my position. Let's look at four. One, God's word is timeless. God's word has no expiration date, the same issues and struggles of those that lived before, while, and after it was written, are the same tribulations and obstacles we face today. They battled temptations, limped through hardships, felt the weight of tragedy, suffered illnesses, desired achievement, hungered for power, loved and lost, lusted and lost, tried to scratch out a living, and continually developed relationships with their family, friends, and enemies. The only difference between them and us, they wore sandals out of need, while we wear them because they are stylish, just not with black socks, please. Two, the bible has a historic element with purpose. Why were the accounts in the scriptures chosen? God knew that the personal conflicts, situations, trials, failures, and victories in his testaments would serve us in our times of need. Whether it is; facing challenges of faith (Abraham, Isaac, Daniel, or Paul), demonstrations of heroic or extraordinary acts that could have never been accomplished without God's intervention (David, Daniel, Samson, Joshua, Nehemiah, Gideon, Moses, or the Disciples), deliverance from internal pain or disease (the woman with the issue of blood, the Centaurian's servant, or Paul), principles to absolutely live by (Jesus' entire ministry), and struggles with sin and obstinance (David, Solomon, Samson, and The Rich Young Ruler). Third, the greatest value of God's word is that it introduces us to Him, how he works, how much He loves us, how he wants us to succeed, how we can avoid the trappings of sin, and why He makes the decisions He makes. Some call it a love letter to His people I consider it so much more; it is a map through the minefields of this world, a testimony of the greatness of God, a treatise of His sovereignty, and the history of His soul. Finally, God's word is not filled with as many mysteries as many would like you to think. It is true we will never fully understand the full scope of our Lord or why He does everything He does. However, it's treasures are more accessible than many portray. How does one truly explore and comprehend the scriptures? It is as straightforward as the difference between the meanings of looking and seeking. Looking is defined as directing your gaze on something, searching with your eyes, or considering something. Seeking is defined as physically searching and striving for something, to head for and attempt it. We can read God's word, study it, but that is the looking part. To understand His word, devour its components, explore and discover its treasures, moving closer and closer to its author, requires seeking. It is seeking God through His word, with a focused, quiet, meditation desiring with all your heart and mind to have God reveal Himself through it. It is a respect and passion for it, an agreement that it is absolute truth. It is a commitment to its precepts and guidance, the revelation that it provides a closeness between us and almighty God. It is so awesome it became flesh in the person of Christ Jesus. It moves beyond the communciations of Facebook status, tweets, messaging, and email. It is God's silent, authoritive beacon in a world of noise. How influential is God's word to you? Is it a guide for your life? Is it the definition of truth in your spirit? How do you read it, do you just look through it, or seek its wisdom? If you want to know God, then seek Him out within his living biography. God bless.

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