Wednesday, December 14, 2011

One Minute Devotion: Psalm 34:18

Psalm 34:18

The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be crushed in spirit.

God has many promises, none are more profound than his commitment to draw close to those who suffer both spiritually, emotionally, and physically. A broken heart understands the absolute need for God's intervention, and the undeniable truth that we are entirely lost and naked without God. It is when we are broken, that God can truly repair whatever suffering and damage we face brought about by; poor health, tragedy, loss, emotional dismay, or the consequences of sin. How many times have we limped along, trying to heal our own wounds, manage our own pain, with no success, instead causing more harm than good? If our vehicle's engine light comes on, but the car still operates, using the excuses of lack of time and money, many times we wait until it completely breaks down before we even think of repair. Much to the delight of most tow truck drivers and mechanics, usually creating more cost than it would have required if we were more proactive. God knows because of our nature of stubbornness, most times we have to completely break down before we recognize how desperately we need his assistance. We think, on our own, we are stronger and in more control of our lives than we ever could be. That is where God's waiting and never ending patience plays its part. It is at the moment that nothing else but God makes sense that we allow Him to do his perfect work within us. It is also evidence that God is ever present, there when we need Him most. So what is the difference between a broken heart and crushed spirit, nothing. They are one in the same, as the spirit is the center and wellspring of the heart. Even when faced with the difficulty of our trauma, God carries us through it. Whether we experience immediate healing or rectification, or we must endure our trial until its end, God is with us, providing the courage, peace, and strength to navigate the storm. God is always there, as the fanous poem states, when we see only one set of footprints it is because He has carried us through our pain and suffering. God bless.

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