Tuesday, December 27, 2011

One Minute Movie Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love

Another entry in the Dramedy category, a phrase I coined thank you very much. This time starring Steve Carell, much to no one's surprise, as the hapless and clueless romantic, a role that is fast becoming stale and repetitive. However, in this film I give him a pass as it works well.  His transformation from dull dude to man about town is subtle, comedic, sharp, and completely unlike any other dud becomes stud fare, which typically overreaches and ends up as cheesy as Chedder. Ryan Gosling plays the part of his casanova mentor, Miyagi style, with all the style and swagger of James Bond but the wit and timing of Cary Grant. Their relationship feels real and genuine, immersing the audience in Carell's makeover. Julianne Moore is as tedious as she is in every movie she has ever made. Her stoic demeanor and cold reactions are in no short supply this go round. The one fault of this movie is the utter lack of chemistry between leading man and leading lady. Gosling and Carrell share much more of a dynamic than Carrell and Moore, can anyone say Bromance. Although there is not much originality here, Ficarra and Requa are able to add enough subtle twists, turns, and surprises to keep the film alive and engaging, Kevin Bacon co stars, apparently contracted to be in ever film for the next decade. However, the way he phones this performance in he should change his last name to Verizon. Emma Stone is delightful, and Johan Bobo steals the movie as Carrell's love struck son. Overall, an amusing story and Gosling, Stone, Bobo, and Carrell keep it entertaining. The humor hits in all the right places without overdoing it, and the dramatic piece plays close to the vest, with just enough emphasis to impact the story without shattering it. It has a valid message that marriage requires effort love can not be forsaken, and family always comes first. 3 out of 5 Kernels, good date night rental.

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