Sunday, May 6, 2012

One Minute Movie Review: The Avengers

Joss Whedon's first attempt at a blockbuster film, is just that, blockbuster. Who knew the man who conceived such teen dribble as Buffy and Angel had it in him. This film is one of the first, in a long time, to have every piston firing like a well tuned Porshe. The cast is epic, as is their chemistry and on screen presence. Instead of eclipsing each other, as an orchestrated effort, they compliment and thoroughly enhance their counterparts' performance. Up to now, this has been an almost impossible feat. The script and story are solid and fluid, also; a rarity in a comic book feature.  This film truly breaks all the rules. The acting is engaging and human, action is frantic and innovative, and effects out perform every predecessor. It is evident Downey loves the Stark identity, and no one could play it better. Evans brings back the tradition and clarity of Captian America as he emanates the pride and patriotism we should all have in the greatest country in the world. Ruffalo resurrects the Hulk and tops Norton's reboot. Hemsworth owns the Thor character truly fleshing him out. Johansson brings the Widow to life. Finally, Renner redefines one of my favorite characters, Hawkeye and graduates him from minor player to the major leagues. This work of comic fandom sets a new standard that will be almost impossible to top. The humor is quick, well placed,  and hits each mark with more accuracy and velocity than Hawkeye's bow. For the comic book geeks who know the Marvel universe has certain undefiable rules, Whedon defies the physics of Stan Lee's comic constitution. This includes the death of a leading player which, as all fanatics know, does not occur in the painted pages of our favorite heroes. In comicverse, no one dies, they just return in sequels, prequels, and as clones. The character evolution is so smooth and consistent they quickly become 3 dimensional without the assistance of any added eye wear. The battle scenes contain some of the best choreography I have ever seen, each piece fits perfectly together and is thoroughly entertaining. Darker in parts then most of the genre, but not to the extent that would exclude the kiddies. For a movie that can not avoid a predictable conclusion, Whedon weaves enough twists and turns to challenge the tallest and fastest of rollercoaster rides. I can not believe I can say this about a comic book flick, but this is how its done, a true masterpiece. Mr. Lee's true vision finally born. They did it right with a slow build of some excellent solo films that apexed in an extravaganza for the senses. 5 out of 5 Kernels; yes I said 5, this one redefines the fare and wins on every level. For newbies and devoted fans alike, waiting for such heroes to be revived, Whedon delivers and then some.

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