Sunday, May 13, 2012

One Minute Movie Review: Tower Heist

Brett Ratner, the director of X-Men 3:The Last Stand and Rush Hour 3 continued his inate ability to turn out crap like a frat house who just partook in a wild night of light beer and buffalo wings. This film is no exception. Can anyone explain to me why Ben Stiller is still allowed to make movies? Does he have the same free pass as Adam Sandler and Will Ferrel? This movie is billed as a comedy, which works if it was purposefully written as a drama. I have to admit, the concept is cool and in the right hands, with the right cast, it would have made a pretty slick action flick. I emphasize the phrase in the right hands and with the right cast. Instead, we combine the burned out Broderick and the played out Murphy to create an F grade product from a former A List class. It is like watching the Rolling Stones, at 90, play Barry Manilow, the whole thing just does not jive it may be time to take a long, much needed vacation (a.k.a retirement). The humor is absent acting is mediocre, and action, predictable and uninspired. Stiller as a leading man makes as much sense as Lindsey Lohan as a rehab counsellor. 0 out of 5 Kernels: avoid this tower of tragedy like a condemned building.

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