Friday, November 23, 2012

One Minute Movie Review: The Twilight Saga; Breaking Dawn Part II

I viewed this cinematic disasterpiece on Thanksgiving night as an act of devotion to my wonderful wife of twenty years.  Of the entire series, this has to be the most lackluster, hackneyed installment and one huge disappointment as closure to the five, what I loosely refer to as, films.  I will not, however, deliver any spoilers as requested by my beloved betrothed. Instead I will analyze the good, bad, and ugly of this picture with heavy emphasis on the latter two. The overall acting is stale and unmoving.  The story has officially been done to death, no pun intended.  The editing is choppy and the ending is one of the most ridiculous since Bobby Ewing woke up in the shower, subtle hint there. The pluses, though limited, are the special effects and Stewart's performance which seems to finally come to life after being transformed into the undead, which is enough irony to make Alanis Morrisette smirk. Still, she is unable to breathe any energy or enthusiasm into the over told story assisted by the remaining cast who deliver the most uninteresting performances of the quintilogy. I have been told the final product was altered to please everyone.  Well then epic fail there, as the end result is yet another example of Hollywood's innate ability to beat dead horses to death, no offense PETA. Van Helsing would be proud; no weapon he could have mustered could have neutered the vampire legend better than Stephenie Meyers.  The Drac must be rolling over in his frick’n grave like a piece of rotisserie gold.  1 out of 5 Kernels; this outing sucks far more than any creature of the night ever could.

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  1. Beleive me away! no waste at all!!! This was an amazing way to end the saga.i had very high hopes walkin in to the theater and I was not let down. I thought some spoilers ****Bella was very beautiful, more so than the other movies so it made her a more believable vampire. The Cullen's and their friends are very love able. As hard as it is for this story to be over it was ended so eloquently that I felt satisfied.Out of all these movies this one was the best by far!!! best part of the movie the epic battle, stunts and performance just led to a breathtaking twisted end." I loved the part when Alice showed Aro who would win that battle should it took place" lol. This movie was never meant to be violent or about blood sucking vamps, it started out as a love story and it ended that way.AWESOME ending for an amazing saga!!!! I will miss the saga! :(( :'(