Tuesday, June 24, 2014

One Minute Movie Review: Grudge Match

This is the quintessential "guy" film but unlike many of its ilk laden with guttural jokes, overt sexual innuendo, gratuitous nudity, and regurgitated slapstick, this film has true humor and heart.   Bypassing all of the rigmarole of its genre, this flick transcends much of the juvenile, formulaic tactics of its brethren and instead creates a truly engaging, funny story with authentic performances.   Director, Segal, who has both hits and misses contained in his cinematic legacy, delivers large with the tale of two former champs coming to terms with aging, family, relationships, and egotism.   In my view, it is nearly sacrilege to star De Niro in any film unworthy of his on screen power and presence.  Of late there have be a few flicks guilty of that blaspheme.  But this movie, features De Niro as a stripped down, gruff but likable, very human character who feels like an everyman struggling to find his place in a modern world while obsessed with recapturing a bit of his glory days.  Stallone brings us Rocky without the brain damage, which might have been a better characterization of his iconic creation that spawned five films.   And Holy comebacks Batman, Basinger is simply delightful as the long lost love.  The rest of the cast is excellent playing off each other so naturally and fluidity you forget you’re are watching a movie, and instead, feel like you are sharing the conversations and experiences of close friends.  The story is well told, with some quiet twists and turns that brightens the script rather than overshadow it.  Look for some subtle, well placed jabs at the two stars legendary boxing silver screen ventures.   4 out of 5 Kernels:  this is Testosterone Tale that rises above the belt and lands every comedic and dramatic punch with the grace and strength of Ali.

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