Saturday, October 11, 2014

Just a Quickie Please: The Edge of Tomorrow Review

I will tread very lightly to avoid spoilers which is extremely difficult in reviewing this particular feature.  Director of the Bourne Identity, Doug Liman, tries his hand at the Sci-Fi genre with this over ambitious version of Groundhog Day mixed with aliens made up of electrified bungee cords, geektatsticly militarized mech suits, and completely satisfying doses of Bill Paxton “douchbagginess”.  It is a unique and engaging tale that keeps the "deja vu thing" fresh and fluid avoiding any pitfalls of tenaciousness and predictability.  Cruise's comeback continues and this forte seems to fit him, his character is both genuine and convincing.   The supporting staff is, however, is just so/so, playing off cruise well enough but possessing so little depth and development they never really make that much-needed connection with the audience.  The special effects are incredible, amplifying the story rather than overshadowing it.   But the film fails on two levels, the poor character evolution being only the first and least.  It is a safe and nonsensical ending that utterly corrupts the film and leaves the audience, jaws agape, wondering why they just wasted two hours of their lives they will never be able to "reset".  Even in the most outlandish concepts, some semblance of reality or believe-ability must exist, if not, even the indoctrinated and dedicated fan-boy will be left empty handed, and the mainstream totally lost in translation.   There were apparent script issues during production and it is apparent in this hastily crafted conclusion.  2 out of 5 Kernels; one of the greatest disappointments of 2014 that didn't have to be.

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