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The Vampire's Ball: Act 7

The Vampire's Ball:
Act 7

“Now listen carefully my dear sister,” Felicity ominously begins, “I intend on getting even with this little, pathetic, unimportant cesspool of a town.”  “I will repay them for every insult hurled at us while we were defenseless, locked in those cold wooden stocks!”  “I will repay them for every ounce of garbage and slop they covered us with as we labored in their unjust imprisonment.”  “I will repay them for every meal they stole from our mouths, every second of peace they ripped from our souls, and every tear shed thanks to their callous taunts and profanity!”  Her eyes widen, like black voids, lifeless, hollow, shrouded with pure, unbridled rage.  “I will suck the life from them, feast upon their flesh and bone, drink deep from their veins until all life is drained while complete and total fear is realized.”  “They are my prey, and I will tear them apart mercilessly, their shrieks and cries will simply fuel my hunger and work to satisfy my desire.”

Katalina stands, still woozy and weak, but undeterred.  Felicity continues, “And these children, the lost and abandoned, will help me." "They too will take pleasure from their pain; find joy in their suffering and sorrow.”  The orphans hiss in delight, their blood red eyes pierce the darkness, illuminating their faces in a horrific crimson glow.  “Soon they all will belong to me,” Felicity cackles, “just like the staff here and there!”  Katalina freezes, could she have converted them too?  But how?

“With the very same juice, our father gave to us, my dear sibling,” Felicity purrs.  “But you have to know by now," she continues, “that it was not any nectar of fruit that saved us.”  Katalina gulps down her fear and ignorance, it settles in the pit of her stomach turning and burning with a truth that chills her soul and tortures her mind.  “It was his blood," Felicity announces with glee, “his sweet blood that made us whole, made us more, made us gods!”  Katalina feels the vomit rise again as it roars back up her throat.  “His blood gave us eternity," Felicity joyously explains, “and now I have done the same with my minions.”   Minions?  Who is this creature standing before her in glorious cruelty who at one time wore the garments of her sister, her best friend?

“Tomorrow night, they will come,” Felicity dances around the top of the old desk, “from all around this backwoods town.”  “They will come to celebrate their ignorance at the Ball we have so graciously scheduled.”  “And when they come, they will dine upon such a wondrous buffet.”  “They will dance to the sound of the most angelic harmonies.”  “They will sing and laugh as if it is the last day they shall live.”  “And it shall be, dear sister, it shall be!”   Katalina tries to speak, but Felicity’s voice is too strong, easily eclipsing her.

“At the stroke of midnight,” Felicity gleefully continues, “my minions will arrive, surrounding them from every angle.”  “Before they know what is about to happen, it will happen."  "They will be engulfed by a wave of hungry shadows that will bite, rip, and tear at their fragile skin."  "Allowing their blood to flow, like rivers of wine, drenching their porcelain faces, eager lips and the floor below.”   They will die slowly, with a historic agony as they are drained of each precious ounce.”  “It will be a majestic massacre, a delightful dance with death and torment.”

“No, sister, I won’t let you,” Katalina finally musters the courage and strength to object!   The room falls deathly silent as Felicity smiles madly and widely.  “And how child, do you propose to stop me?”  Felicity leaps of the desk and stands nose to nose with her sister, her breath like poison.   “I am as strong as you are,” Katalina defiantly reminds, “born of the same substance that our father gave you!”  Felicity stands there, at first, in silence and then, begins to chuckle quietly, then slowly building into a full cackle, brutal and terrifying.
Katalina remains unfazed by her sister’s maniacal behavior and folds her arms tightly across her chest.  Felicity turns away and takes a few steps forward, still laughing as tears begin to stream down her snow white cheeks.  The orphans join in, slowly and steadily, but softly giggling in delight at Katalina’s nonsensical defiance.  Felicity methodically turns and stares at her sibling, her glare could melt solid steel.  Katalina refuses to acknowledge the rising anxiety in her gut.

Felicity breaks the silence, “Child,” she begins as her smile turns quickly to a diabolical snarl, “you will never be as strong as me, even in my weakest moment.”  Suddenly Felicity is behind her in a flash, her hands wrapped tightly around her delicate neck.  Katalina can feel the air struggling to break free and the sharp introduction of pain resonating around her tender throat.     

“I can snap it like a dried twig,” Felicity whispers as Katalina gasps for the slightest scrap of oxygen.  “And it would be as meaningless to me as those unfortunate and decrepit souls I will feed upon this time tomorrow.”  Katalina grabs Felicity’s hands, but her hold is solid, like iron, suddenly she is reminded of those awful stocks.   “I should snap it,” Felicity continues to hiss, “but I will cease, only because of father.”  And with that said, she releases her sister who collapses onto the floor desperately trying to catch her breath. 

“But you will never challenge me again,” Felicity demands as she looms above her.   "Never!”  Katalina cannot respond as her sister begins to laugh again and dismisses her audience.  Within seconds, they are alone. Before Felicity exits she turns to her wounded sister, who still has not taken a full breath. 
“You will stay in your room if you wish not to witness my sweet revenge,” Felicity instructs with all the confidence of a seasoned matriarch.  “When it is over, I will fetch you and you can feed off the scraps.”  “It seems that is all you have come to deserve.”  Katalina coughs but still has no voice.  “But, child,” Felicity’s eyes widen again, “if you attempt any more nonsense.”    Felicity’s presence seems to overwhelm the room, even the darkness appears to retreat.  “Then you will become just that, scraps,” she growls, “scraps for my minions to share.”

And with that, she spins around and leaves Katalina alone in her agony, both physically and deep within her soul.  How did it all come to this?  She always knew of her sister’s anger.  She blamed the world for all of her circumstances.  And now that rage, pure guile has been amplified by her new, hellish condition.   Was her madness the result of that vile combination?   Would she succumb to it as well?  Was her sister merely a future reflection of what she was to become?    By the next full moon, Felicity would have her revenge.  How in the world could she stop her?  She had already proven her hate far outweighed Katalina’s compassion.    She had to figure it out.  If she failed, the bowels of hell itself would open and spill out flooding everything and drowning everyone in their own blood and terror.    Only she could prevent it.  It was an impossible task!       

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