Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Just a Quickie Please: The New DC TV Lineup:

The Arrow Season #3 premier met all of the hype!  It was well rounded and acted and the story telling was fluid, engaging, and convincing  Nice way to have the fans snuggle in with all the comfy, gooey happiness and then blindside them with the twists and edge that the show has become known for.   As a fan of the comic, I couldn't help but see some of the quick jabs coming but they were delivered in a unique and fresh way.  Absolutely love this show.

The Flash Season #1 premier was just as good, felt much more like a Marvel production than DC.  That was a huge risk, but they made it work and it paid off in major dividends.  I really like the casting and although they had to move through a lot of origin and back-story, like, well, you know,  I thought the story telling and acting was solid and genuine.  This will feel much more like a comic book so the humor, colors, scope, sweep, and action should be quite epic.

With three wins for the DC universe on the board, so there may be hope yet.  I am including Gotham in my count.  That is until Batman vs. Superman delivers one big steaming pile of fail.

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