Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#TheCruxSynopsis Final Draft

It is where the crossroads of magic, science, time, and space meet that the Crux exists and the greatest fears of men reside.  Will those fears become mankind’s last hope?

The Crux exists as the only dimension that parallels the Fleshworld, known throughout the cosmos as the one true residence of humanity.  Myth and legend, fantasy and fairy tale, all have their roots in man’s rare glimpses of the residents of the Crux with the imaginations of humanity filling in the blanks.   It is the home of the monsters that haunt our minds and souls.  The residents of the Crux called Citizens are created from the most powerful emotions humanity emanates, those that drive its race to both the brinks of self-discovery and ultimate destruction. 

The Crux's legacy defies the finite understanding we possess regarding the concepts of time and reality.  It was formed by entities known only as Elders and monitored by the Controller.  He is a being who appears to have neither beginning nor end bound by Fate and her undeniable, unavoidable, and irreversible dominion.  For reasons shrouded in deep mystery, he dogmatically obeys her predominance without reservation or hesitation. 

In an instant, what appears to be a simple aberration quickly becomes a chaotic emergency after a Bridge between the two worlds is formed, and subsequently thousands of innocent mortal lives are lost.  This grim anomaly opens the floodgates for the denizens of the Crux to enter the Fleshworld freely creating ramifications that could violently ripple throughout the very fabric of time and space, fantasy and reality.  It is up to a raggedy, jaded Marshall plucked from death out of the Old West and his unorthodox, nearly unhinged crew to stop the madness and discover the source before an unspeakable evil takes total control.   They are faced with a cold and robotic Navigator, who is, at best vague in her assistance and the enigmatic and seemingly omniscient Controller, who refuses to move a hand against the cruel and calculating course of Fate.  With the powers that be against them there is no other option but to defy every parameter, rule, and program to save both dimensions from absolute corruption and total annihilation.

They will be challenged and tempted at every turn, forced to face their own personal, unrealized destinies and the cost of their abilities and immortality.   They will encounter a world that will reveal every weakness, compelling them to peer deep into their souls and ask questions never meant to be spoken.   In the end will they become heroes or be devoured by their desires?

Can they save a humanity that is blissfully unaware it is teetering on the edge of its own extinction?  And if so, is it truly worth the cost?  Either way, in the end....darkness will fall!

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