Tuesday, June 30, 2015

#JustaQuickiePlease: Unbroken Review

This is Jolie's fifth directorial outing, keeping in mind that total includes; one in and for post production the other uncredited.   It is an intensely authentic docudrama about the undeniably inspiring survival story of WWII crew member and Olympic champion Louis Zamperini.   The acting is superb without deviation from this relatively unknown cast.   Likewise, the sweep and scope are remarkably genuine and powerful.  But Jolie's decision to exempt the deeper aspects of Zamperini's conflict of faith and later dedication to it faith leaves a frustratingly gaping hole in her otherwise potent storytelling.  I understand the progressive pressure she was under, or maybe it was a personal choice to deviate from that element of his life.  Either way it was an error in judgment as that crucial facet played an unmistakable part in the strength and boldness of his spirit to survive such hellish ordeals.   She does broach the topic, but it is in a far too minuscule way to express the sincere impact that it provided in his real life.   It is a definitive shame, but that is Hollywood and its continuing disdain for anything that possesses solid Theology or awe inspired testimony.   Still, the film is historically accurate and intently engaging with scenes that are so disturbing and triumphant that they will never leave you.   3 out of 5 Kernels: a stark reminder of a bitter past and the men who rose above the chaos and suffering to become true heroes of both liberty and mercy.    

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