Tuesday, August 20, 2013

One Minute Movie Review: A Good Day to Die Hard

Some films are so good, to even attempt any kind of a sequel lessens the quality and impact of the original.  Even more so, there are those franchises that methodically reach new heights of awfulness and overplay that you wish they would just stop and let the chronology die, “hard” if necessary.  This is the case with this fifth, and prayerfully final installment of the saga which chronicles the misadventures of the most unlucky and nearly indestructible cop, John McClane.  This go round it is a family affair.   Where Die Hard was, in my opinion, a modern cinematic classic, redefined the action film, and single handily launched Bruce Willis' career into super stardom, the following films simply prove that Hollywood will do anything to keep what they perceive is a moneymaker alive, even if that means diluting the concept to a point of outright silliness and absurdity.   This movie demonstrates that unfortunate truth in sheer volume with effects so overdone they feel and look utterly false.  As far as acting, if Willis' had phoned in his performance any more so, it would have reduced this flick to a Verizon commercial.  Jai Courtney, who plays Son of McClane, is possibly the worst actor to have ever graced the silver screen, his portrayal is so stale, I have seen croutons with more flavor and appearance.  The remaining cast fares little better.  The villains were apparently only entertaining to director John Moore as was the story, both were boring, unrealistic, and outright goofy at best.  Moore has a pretty solid resume including one of my favorite Sci Fi features, Pitch Black.  So this was a real disappointment.   0 out of 5 Kernels: Please let this series die already, I have been forced to mourn the originality and excitement of the first four times now.  

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