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The Last Act of the Sad Story Of Holley Weane

The last Act of the Sad Story of Holley Weane...

She hungers for Gertie.  Brad and the little geek have finally arrived, or so she thinks.  She slinks through the tall grass, using the fog as a cloak to conceal her presence.  She hasn't seen what she has become, even if she did, I don't think it would matter.  She has traded her beauty to become the beast.  But the metamorphosis is not complete and there are still glimpses of the girl who is now a ghoul.  He hair flies free in the air, mixed with  mud and cobwebs.  Her green eyes glow with the anticipation of her next kill.  This time she will remember it in all of its gloriously gruesome detail.   Her right arm is covered in new green, slimy scales leading to a talon like hand ready to tear flesh and crush bone.   Her skin has transformed from soft, silky white, to a rough, leathery, emerald hide.   Pure white fangs slink out of her mouth over her bright red lips.   Her face is infected with reptile like scales etched deep into her forehead.  Her once perfect complexion is now as murky as the swamp that surrounds the field.  She is beautifully terrifying.

She moves closer to the truck only to see a flashlight's luminescence pierce the darkness and refract off the mist.  She hears heavy steps but not of two people, just one.  It is a man.  She can smell him. and he smells so delectable.   She moves silently closer.  He comes toward her, she plays hide and seek with the flashlight.  He focuses it near the shed.  She can hear him gasp.  His breathing is heavier, heart pounding faster.  Who could the late night snack be, the hors d'oeuvre before the main course?  His steps quicken as he moves towards the shed.  He passes by her, she is huddled in the weeds, masked by the fog, waiting, watching.

He shines his light on the massacre before him.  His heart beats faster.  He dials his cellphone, fingers tripping over the buttons.   She peaks up.  It's Officer Nest.  He must have just come off duty, still in his uniform but no patrol car, just his old beat up truck.    He miss dials several times, hands  shaking.  Even a veteran cop like Nest could have never been prepared for what he has just witnessed.  She growls with delight.  He spins around drawing his gun.   He tries to make out details through the thick fog, but it won't allow him too.  She growls again, toying with him, like a cat battering a mouse about before the kill.   He scans his surroundings but he is lost in the mist.  She rises behind him.  He does not see her.  "How sweet this night will be," she ponders.  She pounces and throws him, head first into a large headstone.  His face shatters on it upon impact and his neck snaps under the force of the blow.  He lays there limp, his gun caught in the tightly woven cobwebs that engulf the marker.

"Oh darn, that was way too quick," she scoffs, "Apparently I don't know my own strength."  She cackles and it fills the air.   She thrusts her new found claw into his back, shredding his spine, finding his dead heart. She pulls it from his back and devours it.  The blood spews from her mouth, refreshing her like a spring breeze or gentle Autumn rain.  She howls and then licks every finger to savor any last ounces of his delicious fluids.   Just then she sees headlights approaching.  "Appetizer finished, here comes dinner!"

The truck is very late.  Little did the vamp know, her plan had already been revealed to Gertie.  Holley thought she had planned it all so well.  She didn't know Brad had a crush on Gertie since the sixth grade.  He had been waiting for the moment to reveal it, but never had the confidence.  Holley's plan provided his in.  They met at her door, and he was immediately smitten.  He confesses his admiration and then Holley's evil plan.  Gertie had always had a thing for Brad too.  Who knew Holley would play October's cupid.  

They arrive ready for Holley's elaborate trick.  Brad pulls in about a hundred yards from the shed.  He'll play along to throw Holley and her goon squad off just enough to give Gertie the upper hand.  Gertie has already slipped out of her dress into her jeans and leather jacket.   She tucks a can of pepper spray into her pocket, a neat little surprise for her foe.  Nice girls can play dirty too.  When Holley's hunk pops out for the scare, he'll get a face full of pepper flavored mace.

Brad leaves the truck and heads toward the shed to meet his pretend demise.  He calls out to Gertie, "the truck has stalled let me see if there are any tools in the shed out here."  He ensures he is loud enough for all to hear.  Gertie loudly replies, "I'll wait by the truck, but be quick, its epic-ally creepy out here!" Their act is well rehearsed.  Brad heads toward the shed to give Holley the green light.  Gertie prepares her weapon and waits, anxiously, to drench the quarterback in costume.  Brad quietly calls out to Holley, but there is no answer.    He calls out again, only silence.

Then some of the ground fog clears and he sees the remains surrounding his feet.  He steps up, his shoes are covered in blood and muck.  Startled he backs up and trips over Nest's fresh corpse.  "Oh my God, "he gasps.  Before he can say another word he feels a sharp pain circling his neck.  He looks down as blood pours from his throat down his tuxedo shirt.  His head rolls off it's neck with ease and plops unto the ground next to Nest's body.  The rest slumps down to the dirt.  He never even knew what hit him.  Holley licks her sharp claws and giggles.  "I never did think you had a good head on your shoulders, " she mocks.  She stomps on his skull with full force and crushes it between her toes.  "Ooooh, that feels nice, " she coos, "better than any foot massage."

Gertie waits by the truck becoming increasingly impatient.   Has her new Beau betrayed her?   She glances over the hood but doesn't see him.  The fog is not helping.   "Should I stay or should I go, " she thinks to herself?  She moves towards the front of the truck.  She wants to call out Brad's name, but that will ruin the payback.  Suddenly something hurtles towards her and lands on the hood spraying her with a warm liquid.  She steps back to realize she is dripping in blood.  She realizes what is left of Brad's head lays oozing on the hood of the vehicle.  She screams.  Who wouldn't.

Holley cackles loudly as she stands proudly in the middle of the cemetery.   "Way to get a head, Gertie," she growls.  Gertie spins around to see her nemesis only yards in front of her.  Holley jumps and sails through the air landing on the top of the truck.  The roof buckles under the impact, windows shattering, spraying Gertie with glass.  She tries to shield the barrage with her arms.  She can feel the glass shredding her jacket and biting her flesh.

She screams again.  Holley jumps down, "Don't make 'em like they used to, huh Gert, " she cackles.  She grabs Gertie and with one movement throws her into the air.  Gertie flies into the cemetery and lands on the ground, hard.    She is covered in mud and tries to push herself up.  She grabs something to brace herself.  As she rises she realizes it is the leg of one of Holley's debutroids.   She quickly pops up and throws it away from her.  Pain racks her body from her fall.  She quickly realizes she is standing in the mist of a bloody soaked mess of body parts.

"It's been one hell of a day Gert, I gotta tell ya," Holley sprints towards her, "friends have been dropping in all over the place, as you can tell."  She is within feet of Gertie in an instant and tackles her to the ground.   Gertie is helpless under the weight of the beast as Holley sits on top of her.  She moves her hair from the horror of her face.  "Well Gertie, here we are again, " she sighs, "you looking up to me and me looking down on you."  She cackles.  Gertie tries to get up but Holley is too heavy and pain is steadily weakening her.  "What happened to you," Gertie gasps?  "Well Gert, I had a bit of a makeover, " she chides, "Do you like the new look."  Holley smiles widely revealing her rows of shark like teeth.  "It's definitely an improvement, " Gertie answers trying to catch her breath!"  Holley laughs, "Cute, girlfriend, are you trying to be funny, or taste funny!"

"Your jokes are getting worse, " Gertie struggles.  "Funny, so your's day," Holley smiles again.  "Bite me you freak," Gertie snaps.  Probably not the best choice of words at the moment.  "My pleasure, pet, " Holley coos and then quickly sinks her teeth into the side of Gertie's cheek.  She pulls back tearing of a sizable chunk of flesh and muscle.  Gertie screams.  "Now, now, " Holley explains as she chews, "you asked me too."  She swallows hard, 'Well at least you taste better than you dress."  Gertie's fear and pain mutates to anger.  "Try that again, freak, and you will wish you were dead!"  "Been there, done that, " Holley interrupts, "and although I appreciate your permission, I really don't need it."  She growls and bites her neck, tearing another chunk of flesh loose.  She chews on it like a cow masticating fresh grass.   Gertie screams again.  "Seconds are even better, "Holley winks.

Holley swallows and takes a deep breath.  "You have to be the sweetest meat I have ever had the pleasure of eating."   Gertie writhes in pain.  She turns her head and sees a broken piece of tombstone laying on the ground.  The top half of a granite cross.  Her hand finds away to her jacket pocket as she tries to desperately find her spray.  "Now, I have enjoyed our time together, Gert," Holley explains, "but all good things must come to an end."  "I hate to say this, "she continues, "but I do have to eat and run."  She cackles again.  At least her jokes are amusing her.

Gertie finds the can with her fingers.   Holley raises her right arm to deliver the final strike, "this will only hurt for a second Gert, nah, I think I'll make it hurt a little longer than that!"  Gertie grabs the spray and pulls it from her pocket.  She swings it up, closes her eyes, and releases it directly into Holley's face.  Holley screams and grabs her face.  Gertie rolls her off with all of her strength and reaches for the broken marker.  Holley falls on her slide, clutching her head, then rubbing her eyes.  Gertie grabs the stone and with all the strength she has left she spins around until she is directly over Holley.  Holley writhes on the ground kicking up dirt and debris.  "You are about to get stoned, freak, " Gertie screams.  Holley looks up long enough to see the large piece of granite looming over her head.  "Bye, now, "Gertie thrusts the stone down onto Holley's head and falls on top of her with it.  The impact fractures Holley's skull, the sound echoes through the darkness.

Holley gurgles as her lungs and mouth fill with blood.  Gertie raises the stone again revealing the gory mess beneath her.  "One more time, " Gertie yells and drops the stone again until Holley's skull crushes nearly flat.  The sound is horrific.  Blood sprays from the sides of the stone.   Holley's hands jerk as the last moments of life slip away from her mutilated body.   Her legs twitch for a few seconds and then stop.  The air around them suddenly falls still.  Gertie collapses on top of the body, the loss of blood, relentless pain, and exhaustion have finally overcome her.   She rolls on to her back and takes a deep breath.  She can feel life fleeing from her.  She begins to weep, tears for Brad at first, then tears from realization that she is dying.   She looks up into the sky, it clears and the moon and stars are bright, almost flashing.  The fogs rolls away as if it is being called.  The wind gently whistles through the grass and the coolness of the night descends upon her.

It is all a small comfort as Gertie's breath becomes more and more labored and her heart struggles without sustenance.   "At least she's dead, " she reminisces, "she can't hurt anyone, anymore."   "The creature of Eerie Field is dead!"  Gertie closes her eyes, a rush of peace fills her.  Her arms and legs warm, and then grow very cold.  "I will miss my mom, " she ponders, "but I don't think she will miss me."   She can no longer feel her fingers and toes.  "I wish I could have done more with my life, " she continues to reflect, "don't we all."  Her legs and arms go numb.  The pain subsides.  "So tired, so very tired, "her mind begins to wander.  Her body feels separated from her, as if she is free from it.  She drifts off into nothingness, all thought, all memory cease.   The wind rolls over her body, but she is unaware.  The field is silent, still, as a cemetery should be.  

And so the sad story of Holley Weane ends...........

Gertie opens her eyes.

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