Monday, October 21, 2013

One Minute Movie Review: Europa Report

Yet another entry into the done to death "found footage" genre that starts out as the poor man's version of 2010 but quickly descends into a predictable, disappointing, and uninspired, "let’s see how we can creatively kill the crew off” vehicle.  I apologize for any perceived spoilers, but there just wasn't anywhere else to go.  Lesser known indie director Sebastian Cordero tries his hand at a what if we found life” Sci-Fi story with an indie feel that has some redeeming qualities, but overall his failure at slow build suspense and a lackluster payoff eclipses any and all highlights of his film.  However the good is worth noting, so on the plus side, the acting is solid, authentic and engaging.  The characters interact with sincerity and genuineness considering what little back-story is provided for them.   Sharlto Copley, from District 9, is the only prominent name here and provides a subtle but effective performance; however the writing lets him down.   The script is ho hum, told in a broken story with too many flashbacks.  It would have been better served played in chronological order, which would have also provided a bit more drama and tension, but in its current form much of the emotion and scope are lost in translation.   A portion of the effects are remarkably realistic while others are too clean and sleek to look any more than prop art.   Another film with loads of potential, but because of a director's need to make it artsier, fails to reach it.   I was looking for some die hard cerebral science fiction to satisfy my purist side, needless to say, it wasn't here.  1 out of 5 Kernels: not a horrendous attempt, but not good enough to recommend either.  

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