Monday, October 28, 2013

One Minute Movie Review: Jackass Presents:Bad Grandpa

One would think that Knoxville had exhausted his well known repertoire through his long-running MTV series, its various offshoots, and three major motion pictures.  Add into that, the advent of every Tom, Dick, and Harry incessantly posting prank videos ad nauseam on the internet via a plethora of social media outlets almost guaranteeing that this genre had finally run its course.   If that is the case, one would be most certainly  wrong.  Knoxville may be a genius in disguise by incorporating an actual story line, simple as it may be, to fill in the gaps between his gotcha games.   He also ups the ante, by carefully setting up entire groups of unsuspecting victims, to fall prey to his well orchestrated trademark shock tactics.   To detail the movie any further, would allow for spoilers and that would be an absolute crime, as this is hands down, the best outing of the franchise to date.  With that said, not all the jokes hit their marks, but the ones that do are near epic in effect.  Hats off to young, Jackson Nicoll in his second film, his first being the unfortunate Fun Size through no fault of his own, for a solid, yet understated performance.   Knoxville manages to take any remaining taboos and maniacally and gleefully twist them into balloon animals from his warped, yet entirely entertaining imagination.   I look forward to the release of the Blu-Ray which will surely be chock full of all the wonderfully devious snippets that ended up on the cutting room floor.   In reality,  this is a truly juvenile guilty pleasure that I proudly admit I utterly enjoyed.  4 out of 5 Kernels; Knoxville defined the genre and continues to impress, and after this film, I am almost frightened at the aspect of where he may take it next.

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