Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Sad Story of Holley Weane Postscript

The Sad Story of Holley Weane postscript...

A tall man walks into a large, cold room. It's stark, clean, white walls surround and haunt its emptiness like a tomb. The emptiness interrupted only by a lone surgical table in its center, covered by a blood stained, white sheet. The man approaches the table slowly, his stare is stoic, unfeeling. He reaches the table and hovers over it. A second man joins him, wearing medical scrubs, as he adjusts his clear, vinyl gloves. The tall man stands silently, his attention fixed on the veiled body below him.

The second man clears his throat. The tall man is unaffected and his silence continues. He clears his throat again. The tall man signs a deep rumble of annoyance gently echoes in the hollow room. "Yes, Aster" he whispers, "let's have it." "I can't do what you are asking me to do," Aster answers. "Yes, you can," the tall man growls, "you certainly have been paid enough." "This is not about money, Rawling," Aster replies, "this is about the impossible." "Nothing is impossible when money is involved," Rawlings responds, "it just depends how much is applied."

Rawlings slowly circles the table. "You will do this, " he commands, "you know the price if you don't!" He pauses and looks up at Aster. His stare could melt steel. "She's dead," Aster rebuts, "what you are suggesting is ludicrous!" Rawlings shakes his head, "No Aster, what I am suggesting is non negotiable." He grabs the sheet and jerks it back. Blood pours onto the floor, showering his black leather shoes.

"You will do this for me, " he demands! Aster steps back, the color rushes from his face. "It is not possible, " he gasps! "It is, I have given you the tools, resources, technology, now make it happen, " Rawling commands! He walks away from the table and to the end of the room. He stands next to a large steel door. "It's all in here, " he begins, "here is where you will make history." Aster looks down at the body and back at Rawlings. "There is too much damage for what is required," he explains, "my experiment only works when the body is in better condition." Rawlings pulls a key from his vest pocket and smiles, a grim smile.

He holds the key up, it glistens in the florescent lighting flickering down from the ceiling. "I have taken care of that," he replies. He places the key in the lock and turns the knob. The door opens smoothly and he holds it open. Aster walks forward just enough to see inside. "Are those what I think they are, " he gasps! "Yes, they are the resources you will use to make this the greatest achievement of you pathetic little life." Aster approaches and peers in deeper. "You realize if we do this, we will open other doors we will never be able to close again," Aster laments.

"Precisely," Rawlings muses. Aster looks back at him. His face is dark, foreboding, inhuman. Aster looks back at the body. "She will live," Rawlings announces," no matter what it cost me, she will live!"

Aster walks back towards the body. He scans it and pauses. He steps over the pool of blood forming on the white tiled floor. He moves to its side and gently takes its arm in his hand. He lifts it and his eyes widen. Its talon like nails and green scaled skin are like nothing he has ever seen before. How could this creature even have existed? Where is the child that had played in the halls above years before? The child Rawlings wanted to live. The only thing before him was a monster, unrecognizable as his friend's daughter. This wasn't love anymore, it was madness. But he had no choice, Rawlings owned him. He grabs the ends of the table and begins to roll it towards the newly opened door.

"She will live," Rawlings affirms as Aster passes by! Aster enters the cold room, there are several tables being prepped by the lab assistants Rawlings had hired. Probably more extorted minions. The body parts are being carefully cleaned, they must be the remains of the other victims. They have been exposed to the elements, tattered and torn, but they will have to do. He stops in the middle of the room as Rawlings steps in and closes the door behind him. "Gentleman, " he announces, "today is the day we change the rules of life and death!" Aster feels a cold shiver ride his spine. The men applaud mindlessly.

Aster leaves the table and approaches the long counter lining the wall. He looks at the test tubes containing his serum. The serum that he has worked on his entire life. Now he can finally use it without restriction or condemnation. He fills one syringe, then another. "Prep the main body," he begins, "we have a lot of work to do." He turns as Rawling looks on anxiously. The men begin their work as Aster activates the I Pod station on the counter. The room fills with melodious strands of classical music.

"Alright, Holley," he takes a deep breath, "let's begin your greatest and final makeover."

And so the story is reborn.....

To be continued...MonsterBowl 2014!

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