Tuesday, November 5, 2013

One Minute Movie Review: Epic

Director, Chris Wedge, who brought us the original Ice Age, and the voice of Scrat, introduces us to his envisioning of the world beneath the leaves in his beautifully crafted GCI tale Epic.  Despite that compliment, the film's name does not define the movie itself, as the only thing that was truly Epic about this animated feature was the hype leading up to it.  It is visually stunning in its cinematography, yes, but the plot is exceedingly basic, quite predictable, and the acting mediocre at best.   Wedge creates a truly unique and engaging world, but lessens it through a juvenile script and acting that matches.  The entire, mostly A Lister cast, including the likes of Farrell, Beyonce, and Seyfried, deliver B grade performances and that is being generous.  It is an outright shame that their portrayals can not match the sweep and scope of his production.  I sincerely appreciate the lack of Eco-preachiness and environmental indignation, that usually permeates and inevitable ruins these concepts, as well as, the child friendly storytelling.  But when you use the word Epic anywhere in your picture, let alone the title, you need to be aware you have set an expectation that you want to be fully prepared to meet in every aspect of your movie.    However, with all that said, my 8 year old daughter, absolutely loved the film, so well earned bonus points for that.  3 out of 5 Kernels; props for a non ideological, kid sensitive, masterfully animated picture, that, unfortunately, fails to impress or entertain anyone over the age of 8.  But then again, for a kids feature, is that a real fail?

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