Saturday, April 5, 2014

One Minute Movie Review: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The Russo brothers, Anthony and Joe, new to the action genre, bring us the best sequel to date in the Marvel Universe with this entirely engaging, uniquely unpredictable, and thoroughly entertaining installment completely shattering all expectations and utterly upending the core of this fantastically successful cinematic matrix.  I will reveal no spoilers, but it is safe to say that not only is the second Avengers effectively set up, but the TV phenom, Marvels' Agents of Shield, is creatively and fluidly drawn in, and, finally, Cap is given the treatment he truly deserves staying faithful to both his comic book mythos and the integrity and authenticity of the character.   I thought the first was an incredibly enjoyable homage of the cliffhanger adventures of old, ala Raiders of the Lost Ark, with a nostalgic, genuine, and fun look and feel.   This follow up creates an imaginative and convincing darker conspiracy atmosphere that not only absolutely entertains the senses, but has enough plot twists and turns to keep the mind guessing and doubting.    Chris Evans has defined the Cap, like Hugh Jackman has done with Wolverine, owning his on screen identity completely.  At the same time, Johannson's Widow is fleshed out, Jackson's Fury gets a bit more of the spotlight in a more meaningful way, and Redford's role is dynamic.  My only complaint, a little more development of Mackie's Falcon would have been appreciated, but I expect to see that occur in either the next Avengers or possibly Cap's third outing.  Stan's performance is both eerie and compelling, unfortunately, I can not say anymore than that without risking spoiler seepage.   As far as the FX goes they are some of the best I have seen on screen.  After the disaster that Iron Man 3 was, I have to say, I was worried about the direction that Whedon had decided to go in, looking like he might be finally striking, or least grounding out. Well, he hit a solid  triple with Thor: The Dark World, and an undisputed grand slam with this film.  4 out of 5 Kernels: funny, fast, sleek, sophisticated, suspenseful, and action packed, this is the total package.

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