Monday, April 14, 2014

The biggest struggle I had in writing this novel was whether or not to include the use of profanity. Most of the time, I feel, that the use of it, is laziness on the part of the author, going for shock value and alleged edginess over substantive dialogue or storytelling. However, in other cases, profanity actually plays an intense and integral part in defining the character(s) for the audience. The way a character(s) conducts themselves has a lot to do with where they come from, what they have learned, and how they perceive the events and people around them, just as these traits would affect individuals in the real world, dictating their form of conversation and expression. For some characters, based on their makeup, to exclude the use of "constructive or colorful" conversation behaviors would detract from their genuineness, reducing their connection with the reader and creating an inferior portrayal of said entity. For me, several of the characters required this element to be added in order for them to sound and feel truly authentic. The harshness, brutality, or tragedy of their lives and past would have almost demanded it. So I have zero remorse in developing believable identities that the reader can relate with using whatever tools or resources when and where available to do so. In the end, it will be the reader that will judge whether or not this was misplaced or a necessity.

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