Saturday, April 19, 2014

My wife asked me today as to whether or not there will be a sequel to this novel.   The answer, unfortunately, is not that simple.   Although I have, what one might call, a sequel in mind for this story, I haven't put all the pieces together in such a way that I am truly happy with.  And the ideas I do have take the story in a vastly different direction.   So for now, I will say, that this story is the first in a collective work belonging to one universe that encompasses a projected eight more concepts that are in the works.   Each story stands alone existing without any assistance from any of the other projects; however, if one was to read the entire collection they would definitively see a discreetly told interior story line that affects the series as a whole.    Is that contradictory enough for you?  I am currently story boarding my next project and hope to officially begin it in May.  It should take a year to complete and publish.   I, of course, will keep you posted.

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