Saturday, April 26, 2014

Thrust together in a moment in time; a former soldier and noble cop hell bent on returning to his family, a bitter teenager who has given up on hope, jaded by her brutal past, an oncologist haunted by the loss of  his child and wife, an affluent socialite tormented by her choices, past, and the dire prognosis of her child, a young boy wise beyond his years, facing his own mortality, an arrogant attorney haunted by his father’s unrequited approval, plagued by dark secrets, and a former pastor whose faith will be tested beyond anything he could have imagined, suddenly and miraculously survive their diseases only to face the greatest and most harrowing battle of their lives desperate to find hope while facing possible extinction in a world that has experienced a horrific and unexplained transformation.
            ALEX TREVOR is a tough, rough around the edges cop who; survived combat in Afghanistan, becoming a top local Homicide detective, and overcoming a history that tried to crush him. He has a simple and sincere dream, to spend the rest of his life caring for and loving his wife, Sara, and raising their only daughter, Gracie. Now all he treasures and worked for hangs in the balance and the odds are clearly against him.
KAYLA YOUNG is the orphaned daughter of a crack whore. Her life has become the embodiment of contempt and rejection. She has spent most of her youth passed around in foster homes finding only abuse and isolation in a cold and soulless system instead of the family and stability she so desperately desires. She has been forced to become a rigid and cynical loner in order to survive. Now facing the final lag of her battle with ovarian cancer and Lupus she sees her life as just a pathetic waste of an existence and her death will be yet another unremarkable statistic.
DR. RICK FOSTER is a brilliant African American, oncologist who has dedicated his life to the fight against cancer.  He left a lucrative hospital position to start his own private clinic. He is a brilliant doctor whose passion for helping people is fueled by the premature death of his only son to the disease. Then the loss of his wife by her own hand as her son’s death was just too much for her to bear.
Dr. Foster’s favorite patient is a courageous and incredibly smart boy named JUDE RAYNE. He never ceases to amaze him with his inspiring resilience and unending optimism despite his fatal prognosis.
TARA RAYNE is an affluent socialite. She survived a highly publicized battle with breast cancer and became the hero and pillar of her wealthy gated community, the queen of suburban royalty. But now she is tormented by the fact that her only son Jude is suffering with leukemia. A condition she blames herself for.  Was it the cost of her haste to become a mother after the warnings and misgivings of her doctors?  She was determined and spared no expense, financing a birth that defied the odds. Was the risk worth the result? Now she sits here in this clinic helplessly, watching, her son, Jude losing his battle with leukemia and all the money in the world can’t save him now.
JACKSON MALLORY is a young, liberal, defense attorney who has become jaded and cynical thanks to his hopeless bought with liver cancer and the constant, oppressive hand of his overbearing, rich, ruthless, father.  He hates the man but couldn’t live without his money and unrequited approval.  At least that is what he has led everyone to believe.  He is trying to decide what is killing him the fastest, the disease or the darkness of his own soul.

PASTOR MATT SAWYER was cast from his position of leadership by his church because of his cancer.  It has allowed him to return to his roots, serving people.  He has lost his faith in the church but never in God.  His wife of ten years left him, but that only strengthened his resolve. His only goal now is to provide comfort and peace to others, things he has been unable to obtain for himself. 

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