Tuesday, April 15, 2014

This project was actually four and a half years in the making, inspired by my mom's battle with cancer.  I thought to myself, “why can't I create a story where someone dealing with the effects of the disease or a survivor of it is the hero in a science fiction style story.”   I struggled with a concept that made sense until, one day, riding home from work; it finally and quite spontaneously began to come together.   Once I was able to construct a basic plot line and establish several of the key players, I began putting pen to paper, or fingers to keys.  The development of the story took a full two years to assemble into a workable treatment, mostly due to the intricate character work.   The actual writing process took an additional two plus years to reach the point where it was publishable.   During that process the work took on a life of its own and I became progressively more pleased with the way it evolved.   Being a Sci-Fi fan-boy I wanted to ensure that the story appealed to a mainstream audience, instead of just a core group of like minded individuals.  So I went out of my way to create a science fiction concept designed for people who might not normally enjoy that style of storytelling.  That part was inspired by my wife.  In the end, I believe that the novel will reach a diverse group of people who will hopefully be engaged, shocked, moved, and thoroughly entertained.

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