Tuesday, May 20, 2014

If you are looking for the perfect novel, this is not it.  It may be missing some of the refinements of a seasoned author or one who has a myriad of editors and copy writers at their beckon call.   But what it does contain is all the passion and heart of four years of dedication and hard work.     
There are those who say when you love what you do you never work a day in your life.  That holds as much truth as a sieve holds water.   I love to write, imagine, create, but there are times when it becomes so immensely frustrating that you feel like giving up.  When everything you seem to put to paper feels forced or fragmented.   Moments when you wonder how far you can truly propel your PC like an Olympic javelin thrower.  But just as you are about to pull the last strand of graying hair from your head, it is that love for what you do that drives your forward.   It is that love that prohibits you from giving up.
                I adore this story and that is why I chose it as my debut.   The treatment is unique, an original take, on let's face it, a done to death idea.  It is an expression of my deep admiration for those who face their own mortality on a daily basis.  Those who endure and have survived cancer who I consider as true heroes.  They have to be.  Surpassing their base survival instincts and rising to a courage that defies death's taunt.  A boldness few could ever conjure or would desire too. 
                Unlike the bravest soldier, they do not choose to be strong.  They must be strong just to lift their heads to recognize the next rising dawn.  They transcend all the trivial trappings of life, their minds open and aware to the value of life and the vastness of existence.   While we complain about the silliest of things, these noble souls find a truth through trial and tribulation that most of us miss.  A reality of what real value looks like; the revelation of what is the difference between life's treasures and trash.  I wanted to create a story that highlighted that heroism and depth of essence in a way never done before.   
                I have lost so many to this horrific disease and all were my heroes.  I watched my Aunt Gilda face it as she also battled the grim effects of chemotherapy in its early stage.   I lost my brilliant Uncle who introduced me to my love of science fiction, to it.  And, now, most recently, my mother.  She was the most incredible woman who I have ever met dedicating her life to educating others.  Providing her students with the tools needed to succeed beyond the classroom in a competitive world. 
          I only hope the reader feels that admiration, my muse, as intensely and deeply as I do.   That they are able to look beyond some of the imperfections of a rookie novelist.   I want the characters and story to thoroughly captivate, engage, and entertain, eclipsing any of the rough edges and missteps.   I believe I may have been able to do so, however, it will be up to the reader to either confirm or negate it. 
                This is the first book in a much larger universe with each story standing on its own two feet but subtly connected.    As I begin the second novel I use this first experience as an education to fine tune my skill sets.  We are ever improving, life is a never ending tutorial for those who are willing to accept the lessons it wishes to teach.   The man who thinks he has all the answers stopped asking the right questions. 

                Time will tell how successful I will be.  Although to have reached this junction in the journey is an achievement in and of itself and I am humbled by it.   

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