Friday, May 1, 2015

#JustaQuickiePlease: Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

I will avoid any and all spoilers as I proceed, so worry not as you read this review.  Whedon wins again with a superior sequel that succeeds where most cinematic follow-ups fail.  This successor levels up in action, humor, effects, and story with very few noticeable flaws.    Marvel films have achieved what other comic book flicks refuse to, engaging, authentic characters surrounded by a solid script, no matter how fantastic or insane it may be.   Spader's Ultron is simply marvelous, bringing a starkly original incarnation layered with the right amounts of deviousness and quick, biting wit as he savagely challenges the idea of humanity's longevity.   Now, he, by no means, one-ups villain extraordinaire and fan favorite, Hiddleston's Loki, nor could anyone ever.  The history or charm just isn't there.  And where the god of mischief sought to rule, this metal menace seeks to cleanse and renew in the most diabolical and remorseless way possible making his a more terrifying foe.   I also enjoyed the watching the effective and intricate development of Hawkeye, Widow, and Banner.   Renner's Barton was the most refreshing as he got some serious recompense after his mostly zombified role in the original outing.   I only have two quick complaints.  One, The CGI looked a little too CGI in many scenes which were not only definitively noticeable but made some of the combat look too fabricated almost "gamey."  The other is the lack of vibrancy that is a staple of most Marvel fare. That bright and hopeful cinematography is the most notable thing that sets these films apart from their DC competition.  Well, that and honoring continuity, actual role evolution, artfully crafted scripts, and authentic and effective comedy.  Although the darker filming was necessary for Daredevil, I hope that the silver screen ventures won't follow suit.  I know this was a more bleak adventure, but it can be told with the same robustness in sweep and scope as the genre has become know for.  These are comic book movies after all.  With the exceptions of those minor hiccups, this was an amazing journey that not only lived up to the hype but did the rare thing of exceeding it.  Look for a few hints to the Civil War storyline brewing.  A quick foreshadowing of the upcoming Black Panther outing  and a mid credit scene to keep the franchise rolling on to its inevitability.   4 out of 5 Kernels: This is what going to the movies should be like; excitement, entertainment, and stories that make you think and cheer at the same time.  Which is possible Nolan, it is possible!

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