Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

They bled on the sands of foreign lands
Shed tears over fallen friends that  took their last breath so far away from home
Sweat as they carried the wounded and helpless beyond the gates of hell
Ached as soul and body gave every last ounce of strength and resolve to see the work was done
Dreamt of loved ones unimaginable miles away as they slept just feet from unspeakable chaos 
Pressed on through the noise and horror of war, the screams of havoc that chill even the devil's bones
Served with a divine selflessness to protect the liberties of strangers who will never comprehend the magnitude of their sacrifice
Faced death at every turn with a defiant stare, choosing to advance rather than retreat
Defied the odds of battle, bringing swift and determined justice to those whose evil deeds required their intervention
Stood in the hallways of Hades without fear or remorse
Protected liberties the entitled so carelessly take for granted
Preserved the honor of those who came before, whose bodies form the foundation of our freedoms
Asked for nothing, gave everything, wishing only for a hot meal, warm bed, and a peaceful smile
Died for our children, and their children's children, without the consideration of pause
These are the men and women who fight for all we hold dear
These are the soldiers whose brave breath keeps our flag waving
These bring hope to the hopeless, life to the damned, and shield and sword in defense of the innocent and desperate
They are the men and women in uniform, the truest of heroes
The guardian angels of our emancipation and democracy
The proud, the humble, the mighty, and strong
One day cannot contain the potency to memorialize them
They are owed a lifetime of respect and remembrance
And nothing less!

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