Saturday, May 2, 2015

#JustaQuickiePlease: The Mazerunner

Wes Ball brings us his cinematic adaptation of the latest installment in the now tired genre of YA fiction that simply regurgitates the same ideas and characters into new surroundings.  What separates this endeavor from its compatriots is its absolute nonsensical storyline and overly stale, barely lucid performances of its teen troupe.    I can not begin to explain the sheer ridiculousness of the plot without spoiling the film which may, in the end, be more of a blessing than a disservice.   But I will digress to maintain my continuity and integrity.  Instead, I promise that, by the picture's end, you will most definitely scratch your head and scream the same questions and profanities that I did as the credits scroll across the screen.    I don't know much about the source material.  But if this flick holds true, in any way, to its literary predecessor, its is inconceivable how this travesty made it out of the Dollar Tree book aisle to the desk of some Hollyweird producer.  Then again, based on the current foray of films spewing from Tinsel Town's sewers, maybe it isn't so incomprehensible after all.  Even the effects disappoint as the filming is so dark and uncooperative that most of their impact is lost in translation.  0 out of 5 Kernels:  Run as fast and far away from this flick as your little legs will carry you.

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