Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Just a Quickie Please: Age of Adaline

Director, Lee Toland Krieger may be the most brilliant man on the planet, well at least when it comes to fashioning together date movies.  So, the rest of you YA acts need to take notes and you might earn a few more million dollars to your uninspired, untalented coffers.  Ladies need to break the internet thanking Krieger for building the perfect equation to satisfy the gals why giving the guys just enough to keep them in their seats.  Okay, on the estrogen side, you have the typical story of an uber rich hipster who gives all of his money to charities, knows how to cook like a veteran chef, looks like a dreamy cross between Jackman and Dempsey, and pines for the perfect mate.  Men, that alone would cause shrinkage even after the largest legal dose of Viagra.   But fear not my testosterone fueled teammates, old Lee got's you covered.   He sideswipes us all by fashioning this sappy love-fest around a mild and coherent Sci-Fi storyline, and for good measure, throws in Han Solo to the mix to keep those male arses glued to their seats.    The script is well written, of course predictable, but the acting is authentic enough to eclipse any, "Oh, I saw that comings."   Albeit, the narration is a bit much at times but it's a necessary evil to keep the plot moving fluidly.   In the end this is one part Gump, one part Benjamin Buttons, and large fraction of every romance feature that will make your partners wonder what the hell they are doing with you.  3 out of 5 Kernels: entertaining, heartfelt, and worth the run time, especially if you want to earn some honey points with the missus.

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