Sunday, May 29, 2016

Questions of Memorial

What is the cost of freedom?
How many drops of blood must be collected?
How many flags must be neatly folded?
How many tears must puddle?
How many lonely nights, endured?
How many sons, buried?
How many daughters, mourned?
How many children, orphaned?
How many widows weep?
How many bullets, spent?
How much pain, borne?
How man wounds will never heal?
How many times will courage be called upon?
How many noble feet will cross foreign soil?
How many sleepless nights will be spent under strange stars?
How many fears, defeated, marching boldly into the unknown?
How many heroes will become martyrs?
How many of the fallen will be forgotten?
How many broken will be left uncared for?
The cost of freedom is without end.
Because freedom is merely a fragile peace.
For those who have gone before,
And those who stand so valiantly now,
There is no cost they would not suffer,
For the freedom, that serves you and me.
We remember those who have paid the ultimate price,
Honor their sacrifice with our humility and ceaseless gratitude.
Unable to be contained in a single day,
Impossible to be appreciated in a thousand lifetimes.
The cost of freedom should never be spent,
On those who refuse to understand and respect its value.
Our hearts salute the tireless soldier,
The soul who is priceless, the spirit who endows us with liberty.

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