Sunday, December 25, 2016

HARLEen QUINzel Fun Facts Volume 1

HARLEen QUINzel Fun Facts
Volume 1

It took the writer and director 3 days to decide on the title for the film. Ironically enough, it ended up being the working title that director Ronn Garris was already utilizing with some changes to the spelling.

Actress, Lauren Spano was originally cast as Poison Ivy.

The film was originally planned as a five-part web series but when the director read the script he said, " We can't break this into episodes... it has to be a feature."

During the production of the teaser trailer, actor James Hurley had scheduling obligations and couldn't make any of the shoot dates. Tanner Garris, the director's 15-year-old son stepped in to assist the production. He endured almost 3 hours in the makeup chair to become the Joker for the teaser.  All of Joker's speaking lines were performed by the director himself.

Actor, James Hurley was originally cast as Aaron Cash. He was quickly given the role as Joker after quoting lines from the 89' Batman Movie in his own unique voice.


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