Wednesday, December 21, 2016

HARLEen QUINzel official teaser trailer

We are excited to release our first teaser trailer for our upcoming feature length fan film HARLEen QUINzel produced by TGF Media Productions and directed by Ronn Garris.

Our film, written by Ronald J Rossmann Jr. finally delivers a long overdue, full and unique origin story to the exciting DC Comics villain and fan favorite Harley Quinn with a definitive horror twist.
In addition, we successfully create original takes on some of the DC universe's most iconic characters such as Batman, Poison Ivy, Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, Selina Kyle, Commissioner James Gordon and of course Joker, among others, while sincerely respecting their source material and canon.

HARLEen QUINzel will begin official production in early 2017 and stars the some of the most talented local actors in North Carolina. The cast includes; Lauren Roden, Jonathon Thompson (of Devil May Care Cosplay and Productions), Megan Rogers (of Reddoll Cosplay), James Hurley (of James'YouNiverse), Madison Smith, James Sealy, Chuck Kress, Chas Kress, Lauren Spano, and Ronald Rossmann.

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