Monday, December 26, 2016

HARLEen QUINzel Teaser Trailer Update

The Initial reaction from The James' YouNiverse HARLEen QUINzel teaser trailer debut....

We have had over 2000 YouTube views thanks to James Hurley (our Joker) and his channel and over 12000 trailer post views on our official Facebook page!!!

But we need your help...please Like and Share our page!

Official HARLEen QUINzel Fan Film Facebook Page

If we get 500 Likes by January 1st, we are going to randomly select a winner for a HARLEen QUINzel prize pack that includes a set of signed cast photos and a shout out in the credits!

Visit our IndieGoGo campaign to pledge to our project today!

Some of the perks actually involve autographed screen used costumes from the film!!!!!

More details to come, including footage from our first full pre-production meeting!!


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