Tuesday, December 13, 2016

HARLEen QUINzel @ Charlotte Comicon 2016

A few pics from #CharlotteComicon 2016...we had an awesome time debuting the teaser trailer and introducing the cast @ the panel.

We had over 80 in attendance for the premier!

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Special thanks to Rick Fortenberry David Hinson and Kerri Marks for hosting such an incredible event!


#StreetJusticeBatman has a new sidekick!


Our Harleen Quinzel...actress Lauren Spano!

The Bat and the Cat meet again...Megan Rogers, who plays Pamela Isley in the HARLEen QUINzel fim, sports her Catwoman Cosplay!

So, that's how Dayna Verhey got the role of Selina Kyle in our film...here she is wearing her signature Harley Quinn Cosplay!

Dayna Verhey who plays Selina Kyle in HARLEen QUINzel sporting her signature Harley Quinn Cosplay!

#StreetJusticeBatman is on patrol when he spots a familiar face!

Harley throws the first punch!  

Charlotte Comicon is the best single day Con in the south!

#StreetJusticeBatman always brings smiles...and justice!

Jonathan Thompson, of  #DevilMayCareCosplay wearing his official #WCCB Charlotte's #CW Arrow Cosplay...as for our film, he plays Dr. Jeremiah Arkham.

A tale of two Harleys...Lauren Spano as Dr. Harleen Quinzel and Lauren Roden as young Harleen.

Catwoman is fierce...but Megan Rogers will be fiercest as our Pamela Isley in HARLEen QUINzel!

#StreetJusticeBatman has fans of all kinds!
James Hurley of James' YouNiversebrings our Joker to frighteningly awesome life!

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