Sunday, April 1, 2012

One Minute Movie Review: The Rum Diary

Why, is the first word that immediately pops into the mind after seeing this film. Clueless, pointless, chaotic dribble and those are the highlights. This is a mess of a picture with no rhyme or reason to its purpose. Depp's performance is ho hum at best.  The remaining cast spew their attempts at artistic and self important dialogue like Lindsey Lohan evacuates alcohol the day after. It is self indulgent fodder with no real plot or depth. It is an adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's early novel which I am pleased to say I have never read. The humor is vague and the dramatic elements fair no better. It is a white sheet hanging from a drying line in a dense fog, damp, pointless, and void of differentiation. Of course, with Bruce Robinson's track record as a director this choice is no surprise. 0 Kernels; if this film was a vacuum it is a Dyson, you fill in the rest.

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