Friday, April 13, 2012

One Minute Movie Review: In Time

I can think of several titles that would better fit this steaming pile of cinema. How about Waste of Time, Over Time, or even Time I Will Never Get Back, Ever. Andrew Niccol defecates this story like a man who has digested a gallon of beans and a six pack of RedBull. It is about as riveting as watching grass grow. To add to that, it's Justin Timberlake's first run at the lead action hero role, well, maybe run is too strong of a term, how about a slow limp. Timberlake has all the acting talent of a still painting. His costar and love interest Amanda Seyfried takes a break from her skill to match her leading man's lack of talent. The remaining cast is about as engaging as a box of rocks. The acting is so dreadful it takes an innovative concept and utterly contaminates it. Thanks to the lackluster performances the story gets wholly lost in translation. I thought this might be the Logan's Run of the next generation, chalk that one up to a big no. However, I must commend them for the number of times they squeeze in the word time to the nth level of absurdity. 0 out of 5 Kernels; I can not believe I wasted anymore time on this movie by writing this review.

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