Tuesday, August 5, 2014

One Minute Movie Review: 3 Days to Kill

Right out of the gate, they missed the mark on the title, it should have been called 2 Hours to Bore to Death. Of course, it's really my fault, trusting any flick directed by a guy who goes by the name McG, and directed such cinematic classics like the near franchise ending Terminator Salvation and Oscar worthy fare (note the deep, biting sarcasm) such as Charlie's Angels and the sequel that nobody wanted, Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle.   Despite my palatable tone of disdain, up to this point, I have to say the premise is solid and somewhat original, it is an absolute fail in execution.  The performances are either utterly stale or calorically hammy.   The action demonstrates the stark and harsh reality that Costner, and I broach this subject gently and with all due respect,  has aged beyond the action hero role.  His fight sequences reflect back to the ineffective, nearly ridiculous, blur and cut away tactics used in Taken 2, desperate to conceal and compensate for Neeson's similar senior status, as well.   The script is predictable, story limps along, and the scenes designed to be heartfelt and humorous are mediocre at best.  It is obvious this director is more concerned with flashy, avant-garde camera angles and film tricks and totally incapable of real character development as the connection between audience and cast is barely made and rather than feel or root for the hero or anyone else in this cinematic snooze fest, you find yourself watching the clock, deeply anticipating the end credits.  0 out of 5 Kernels; I am stretching to find any comment on a positive note, well at least it was better than Waterworld, does that count?

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