Friday, August 1, 2014

One Minute Movie Review: Guardians of the Galaxy

I think back to my younger days, experiencing the wondrous anticipation & excitement as I entered the theater & joined the rest of the audience in viewing this strange & new space adventure that we all had anxiously waited for over the last few agonizing months, something called Star Wars.  Soon the screen came alive & I was riveted to my seat, thrust into a magnificent & exhilarating universe of uniquely invented characters as they interacted with each other with such elegant chemistry it seemed less like a movie & more like the privilege of watching close friends forced to struggle together, fighting for each other, in this amazing adventure unfolding before my eager eyes.   The cinematography awe-inspiring, the effects unbelievably fantastic, & the story, simply told, but deeply engaging.  It was everything that real cinema should be, not just a movie, a mere moment, but an unforgettable experience that changes you in some way & leaves you with a treasured memory all made possible by a man named Lucas.   Fast forward to the middle age man who fully believed that spectacular moment could never be recreated.  And then, a low budget, unremarkable, almost unknown director, James Gunn, is given the opportunity to prove him & any other "naysayers" wrong.  This is, hands down, to date, the best Marvel film made.  Beautifully crafted, skillfully performed, with astounding imagery, & a thoroughly entertaining story, that may be a bit simplistic at times, somewhat over the top at others, but unmistakably energetic & sincere.  The cast is pure magic, driving the well-written plot forward with little, if any, resistance, whether flesh & blood or voiced CGI.   The effects compliment rather than eclipse & the scope & sweep is epic.  Filled with fluid & well-timed humor, nostalgic references, & enough back-story & character depth to satisfy even the harshest critic, this is the cinematic joy I experienced long ago.  It will hands down, be one of my favorites for a very long time & contains one of the best soundtracks & greatest movie line of all time. To add to that monumental achievement, to think, they did this with one of the so-called "D" list titles of comic book fare, identified by only the most-committed fan-boy.   5 out of 5 Kernels; yes you read that right, every piston fires, laser hits its mark, & a definitive Marvel legacy is born.

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