Monday, August 4, 2014

Quality Time

My wife was upset at me, today,  because I hadn't posted anything about Jessica's Birthday on Facebook.  Truth be told, I was too busy actually spending the day with my kids to post anything until now.   Her request, however, did intrigue me.  At what point did we lose our grasp on what is considered real of quality time?  Quality time that does not include social media, but actual, live in person, contact.  Are we so blissfully ignorant that we just missed it?  Or have we become so foolishly self- important that we no longer really care?
 Never let your ego grow so large that your lofty musings left to float aimlessly along the cybernetic river take precedence over one single moment spent truly interfacing with your children.   I want my kids to know their father, not LIKE him.  To share meaningful conversations with my children, not simplistic, content and quality restrictive, TWITTER bursts.   My INSTAGRAM happens when I see the smile on their faces when we shoot baskets, throw a football back and forth, or hang out at Chucky Cheese.
My SMARTPHONE is only as intelligent as the diatribe I input into it.  I am embarrassed to say if my IQ was judged by the content stored on my Android there would be squirrels that may seem to possess superior intelligence.  It is not my friend, companion, or worth the distraction that it presents when I am trying to provide my son and daughter with the attention they absolutely deserve.  Maybe if I do right by them, they won't require a machine that only creates superficial and artificial relationships, permanently warping their social skills.     I want to be a Dad, not a FRIEND, a father, not a Buddy, a mentor, not an example of an endless journey of mind numbed trivial pursuits.    And, by the way, if you LIKE this little tirade of mine, you are part of the problem, not the solution.  Just saying.

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