Monday, September 19, 2011

One Minute Movie Review: Something Borrowed

This film attempts a new take on an old formula, the best friend of an
obnoxious free spirit falls in love with her lifelong compadre's fiancée. Don't
forget to add an infeminate male friend of said best friend as comedic relief and the recipe is complete.  So, with that said, you would think, this would be predictable, boring,
romantic slop, and, normally, you would be right. However, this flick is able
to accomplish somewhat of a unique spin on this sophomoric idea and create an interesting
and mildly engaging fare. Ginnifer Goodwin is cute as the best friend but her
acting is a little too "Dariaesque" for my blood. At points Al Gore
has demonstrated a bit more personality. Kate Hudson plays the obnoxious free
spirit (huge surprise and stretch) who plays the part so well she moves the
needle from annoying to just barely below overkill. Colin Egglesfield, who I
have never heard of before but is sure to be the next Tom Cruise, plays the fiancée
and starts of strong but ends on a dull note. His range doesn't reach dramatic,
it stalls at barely concerned. The romantic chemistry between Goodwin and
Egglesfield has its hit and miss moments but never really attains a real
genuineness. The relationship between Goodwin and Hudson is good, but Hudson
plays her character so over the top, it eclipses the emotional value of their
interactions. And to complete the ensemble, John Krasinski is inserted as the
comic relief, and I have to say, does a fairly decent job utilizing his dry and
quick wit. Don't expect any laugh out loud moments though. Overall the story moves
rather fluidly and naturally. The comedic timing is sound but the dramatic and
romantic moments quickly move from sincere and touching to goopy and
lackluster. So it's a chick flick but not one of the best, if there is such a
thing. 2 out of 5 Kernels, it could have been more than it was.

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