Monday, July 8, 2013

One Minute Movie Review: Despicable Me 2

Rarely does a sequel surpass its predecessor in story, quality, humor, and entertainment.  This follow up, to one of the most innovative and endearing productions in the sheer litany of CGI features, proves that point.  Despite that, the movie is not a total loss, although much of the character and magic of the first is replaced by an over abundance of slapstick and an underwhelming story.  The major issue, this felt like a sequel, in which they tried to do way too much in too little time.  In doing so, several key plot points that should have been explored are, instead, simply glossed over.  Now, I know I am being a bit harsh in my criticism, especially for an animated feature, but the original was so unique and engaging that it raised the bar among its ilk.   Although, I enjoyed the greater Minion exposure and there were some definitive laugh out loud moments, the overall production fell short.  Even Carell's performance was somewhat lackluster, and the new comers didn't fare any better.  In saying all this, my children noticed none of the issues I saw, and giggled and cackled throughout the movie.  They even recognizing an 80's boy band parody that I thought only us old folks would get a kick out of.  And yes, if you were a teen in the 80's you are old, get over it.    So with that in mind, I can not, in good conscious, completely pan the film.  3 out of 5 Kernels: I will probably own the Blu-Ray, forced to watch it ad nauseam as my 5 year desperately attempts to mimic the language of the Minions, to which he seems to perfectly understand.  Did I mention I am getting older?  

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