Tuesday, January 31, 2017

The Dusk Series Official Summary

           Mankind, intoxicated by its arrogance and sense of entitlement, has insisted God abandon any intervention so man can evolve on its own. Humanity left to its own devices has fallen prey to the very supernatural powers once oppressed by divine authority. In order to maintain the fragile balance between reason and madness, agencies were created to protect the mortal realm, referred to as Top Side, from immortal threats called the Nocturne. Established first by the easily corruptible Templers, these institutions are now run by a clandestine group known only as Majestic and its enforcement unit, The Bureau. These two powers are dedicated to the governing of the Nocturne, creatures that include such horrifying entities as Vampires, Luna, Sorcerers, Telepaths, Seers, and evils indescribable by the tongues of gods and man. But, as the newest century has barely matured, a new and growing threat emerges. A long forgotten enemy has returned, hell-bent on fulfilling a treacherous prophecy that threatens all of existence, both dark and light. Will a cynical witch, with a forgotten past, a troubled psychic, and a vengeful bloodsucker be able to stop this rising dark tide? Or will our world, and any to come, face a judgment and damnation from a wickedness that redefines all that is known about fear?

At the edge of night, dusk’s legacy beckons, and darkness will fall.

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