Sunday, July 12, 2015

#JustaQuickiePlease: Minions Review

Again, sometimes less is more; especially when it comes to Hollyweird's compulsion to beat a cinematic equine to death praying that it becomes a proverbial cash pinata instead of overworked pony.  Never has that been more apparent than in this third installment.  Long gone is all of the originality, endearing and interesting characters, and quick and smart humor.  What we are left with can't even qualify as goofy.  Stale, nearly laughless, mostly lifeless, until the literal last few minutes, this alleged final entry overdoes it on the uninspired slapstick and glut of Minion mumble.   Then mercilessly robs the audience of any of the elements that made its predecessor such an instant classic.  But the most disappointing part is that the original director returns for this failed flick which makes this mess of a movie utterly unforgivable.   0 out of 5 Kernels: who would have thought the greatest enemy of these quirky Twinkesque henchmen would be their own writing and directing staff.

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