Monday, July 20, 2015

#JustaQuickiePlease: Ant-Man Review

Peyton Reed tries his hand at the comic book genre and provides a solid win for Marvel with just a few quick complaints.   Let's ignore those right now and focus on the good for the moment.  Rudd is amazing and makes this D-List character both believable and thoroughly entertaining.  Douglas, likewise, breathes a refreshing life into Pym.  However, it is Pena who absolutely steals the show, although a bit stereotypical at times, he owns every frame he is in. The remaining cast is solid, not extraordinary, as in other Marvel fare, but strong enough to be engaging and fun.  The effects are top notch, beautifully thrilling to watch, creating both the endearingly genuine and incredibly fantastic as script and scene dictate.  The origin story is well crafted as a whole and moves fluidly, but there are some issues.  The editing is choppy at times.  In fact, the acts almost feel rushed and shortened just as they are about to reach their emotional apex lessening their respective impact, drama, or humor.  Also, Rudd and Lily's relationship is a bit stale, too abrupt, and unconvincing which was disappointing.  Despite those two variables, this is still a cinematic joy ride in true Marvel Studio style.  In addition, it is chock full of enough Easter eggs and foreshadowing mid and post credit scenes to make even the most discerning fanboy smile widely.   3 out of 5 Kernels; not the best of the Phases, but a nice addition to a remarkable franchise, which is no small feet, even if they have six legs.  You know I had to fit an insect joke in there somewhere.        

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