Monday, July 27, 2015

William's (my 7 year old son) 1st attempt at Fan Fiction

My seven year old son, William, tried his hand at fan fiction and I have proudly posted his results on my blog. It is unedited and I find it interesting how he got some punctuation and syntax spot on and yet the remainder is truly that of a typical seven year old. So without further ado...I present to you...William Spencer Rossmann's literary classic...Ant Man vs. Ant Boy!

Ant man said who are you.
“I’m ant boy,” he said.
“Man I hate you ant boy!” Ant man said.  “I’m going to kill you in this fight.”
Fight Time!
Ant man kicks ant boy. Ant boy punch ant man.  
Ant man said, “I’m the best!”
“No I’m the best!” Said ant boy.
“Man, you suck!” Said ant boy.
Ant boy kick ant man.  Ant man punched ant boy.  Ant man threw a football. Ant boy threw a golfball.
“God thanks I’m going to win!” Said ant man.  “You are going to die!” 
“We should stop fighting!” Said ant man.
“No!” Said ant boy. “I hate you ant man!”
Ant boy ants is biting you.
What The What!                          
Ant boy said. “you suck!”
“No I don’t!” Said  ant man.
“Man this fight needs to stop!” Said ant man.
“No!” Said ant boy.
“Ants are biting you ant man!”
“Ant boy punch me in the face,” said ant man.
“Ant man do you stop.”
“No!” Said ant man.
“Okay said ant boy.”
So ant man football kick him.
“Iron man what are you doing here!”
“I want to check on you okay,” said ant man.
“What are you doing?”
 “I don’t know what saying.”
“Man you are up side down.”
 “Okay,” said ant boy.
“Do you have a ship?” Said ant boy.
“No baby,” said ant man.
“Ant man why are we fighting?”
“I don’t know.”
“Hey ant boy, what, why are we fighting?”
“Man, man this sucking.”
Ant man bit ant boy. Ant boy bit ant man. Ant man punch ant boy and kick ant boy. Ant boy punch ant man and kick Ant man.
“Ant man is the best!” Ant man said that.
“I don’t know.”
“I hate you, man you suck, when you die you are going to the grown.”
“What the what I can’t stop,” said ant boy.
“Are you tring to shoot me ant boy?”
Ant man shoot ant boy, ant boy got hurt.  At night ant man punch ant boy when he was sleeping.  9am sill antboy is sleeping. Ant man is not a sleep.
Ant Boy Still Sleeping.
He is now awake.
Fight Time.
“What?” Said ant man.
It’s now night ant man go to sleep.   Ant boy punch ant man when he is sleeping.  10am he is still sleeping said ant boy.
Ant Man Is Still Sleeping.
“I don’t know.”
“Okay,” said ant boy.
“Okay man you suck!”
“Not again,”  said ant man.
“Okay,” said ant boy.
“Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh, ant boy stop!”
“Okay………….. sooo I do you do.”
“Man  you are ugly,”  said ant man
“Sooooo,”  said ant boy.

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