Friday, July 10, 2015

#TheCrux #Sciencefiction you deserve! Meet #TheSeamstress

#TheCrux #Sciencefiction you deserve!  Meet #TheSeamstress

THE SEAMSTRESS:  a Fleshworld surgeon who escaped into The Crux after her daughter was viciously murdered, and the suspects never found.    Her mourning quickly turned to madness.  To quell her ever-growing hopelessness, and incessant hate raging within, she began to kill those she deemed evil and then dismember them to construct elaborate dolls from their flesh and bone.  Her goal was to create an unholy offspring to fill the tormenting void burrowed by her tragic loss.  Ironically, her one success seeks to destroy her, but she still yearns for the fatality of their reunion.   Hidden away in her asylum of nostalgia she holds all of the secrets to The Crux.

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