Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Why is #TheCrux #Sciencefiction you deserve?

#5Star ‪#‎TheCrux‬ ‪#‎Sciencefiction‬ you deserve!

It is where the crossroads of magic, science, time, and space meet that the Crux exists and the greatest fears of men reside.  Will those fears become mankind’s last hope?

Why is The Crux science fiction you deserve???

Because, it is a rich and complex story that contains over thirteen distinct and exciting characters, the majority female. 

I wanted to break all the rules when it comes to feminine characters in this genre.  The ladies of The Crux crush all the cliches.  These are not helpless damsels in distress, oversexed vixens, over masculinized caricatures, or mere sidekicks or side notes like in most of this literary genus.  The ladies of The Crux are strong, diverse, intelligent, and crucial facets of the story.  They drive it forward with both grace and terror.  They evolve as the plot does, disobeying every stereotype, and demonstrating what it is to be flawed yet heroic, bold but nurturing, and sensual to both mind and soul.  They are utterly genuine despite their fantastic manifestations, without sacrifice to their femininity and all the amazing elements that make up what it is to be a woman.   

Then there is our anti-hero, Ronin.  A snarky and brazen curmudgeon that breaks the 4th wall to make the reader feel like they are truly part of the story.   Prepare yourself to be offended and have everything you hold sacred challenged as this is not a story for the faint of heart.

It is a modern mythology where the so-called "gods", called sovereigns and elders, represent principles and elements of science and philosophy.   Everything we sense, feel, and experience has a sentient life force behind it.  In fact, I intentionally go about taking the most ancient and popular mythologies and modern conspiracies and effectively and uniquely reboot them.  And to further blow your mind, the main concept that flows through the story is that fear is the most powerful emotion, the original sentiment, furnishing all of the internal forces that drive us. 

Finally, unlike most science fiction tales which belittle mankind, in this story, humanity is the most advanced untapped resource and the powerful residents of the cosmos seek to intervene and control it. 

Want more...watch the trailer @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6HfPCaBSqg

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